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Welcome to our website. We hope you find the information here informative as well as entertaining in a tongue and cheek sort of way.    

Did you know a quarter of all loans made in the fourth quarter of 2005 were adjustable rate mortgages? Trillions of dollars in loan payments will be spiking as 1-year, 3-year and 5-year adjustable rate loans adjust. Many borrowers will not be able to afford the new monthly payments and will have to refinance again. You need to hire an experienced appraiser to secure your position

Unfortunately, many inexperienced appraisers have given some of us a bad name lately.  While there are some who whine about low fees and stupid client requests, bill clients twice for the same work, deliver appraisals late, never give a straight answer, only start an appraisal after the third or fourth request and use guess work; there are a few such as asap Appraisals who are attempting to change the general consensus into a more positive view.

When is an Appraisal Needed?

• Buying Or Selling A Home
• Analysis Of Rate Of Return On An Investment Property
• Analysis Of Cash Flow On An Investment Property Before Tax
• Assisting An Underwriter/Investor In Establishing A Value Of Security For A Mortgage Loan
• Estimating The Fair Market Value Of A Property In Eminent Domain Proceedings
• Estimate Damages Created By Environmental Contamination, Physical Changes In Contemporary Construction Or Other External Changes
• Setting Rent Schedules And Lease Provisions
• Determining The Feasibility Of A Construction Or Renovation Program
• Estimating Liquidation Value
• Counseling A Client On Investment Matters, Including Goals, Alternatives, Resources, Constraints And Timing
• Job Relocation
• Canceling Private Mortgage Insurance
• Remodeling/Rehab Work

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